The idea of Mapped was born in early 2017, piloting with 3 boutique investment banks and a strategy consulting firm the same year.

Freshminds runs a number of graduate schemes, but found that none of the available testing products were quite hitting the mark.

Applied are making great strides in combining sophisticated behavioural science and technology to make better, fairer recruitment processes.

They partnered to create Mapped. The first testing platform designed from the ground up to be diversity friendly and evaluate the very best graduates.


Founded in 2000, Freshminds is an award-winning boutique recruitment consultancy. They specialise in connecting businesses with high-calibre talent, from top-tier graduates and early career individuals, through to experienced and executive professionals.

Their network of candidates each has what is defined as ‘The Consulting Skill Set’ which is a mixture of EQ and IQ demonstrating a combination of numerical reasoning, commercial thinking and emotional intelligence.

Freshminds works with everyone from global tech giants and top consulting firms, to exciting start-ups and boutique investment banks on a range of commercial permanent roles and strategic short-term projects.


Applied are the brains behind the ground-breaking Applied technology platform and now Mapped. It’s the first hiring platform designed entirely around the psychology of decision-making, helping firms make recruitment decisions smart (more predictive of performance), fair (less biased) and easy.

Applied was incubated in the Behavioural Insights Team, a social purpose company co-owned by the UK Cabinet Office and Nesta with the aim of applying behavioural science to social problems.

Now Applied are applying their significant expertise to help tackle diversity in testing, and make it as predictive and useful as possible.

Mapped can be a straightforward replacement to the psychometric tests you use today.

Mapped is ready for finance or strategy firms today. Request a demo to find out more. If you are part of a retail, media or energy business, or you are looking for a verbal reasoning test too, then get in contact for more information.

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