Mapped is a numerical, analytical and problem solving testing platform. It’s been built from the ground up to encourage diversity, and designed by business professionals to test what counts for a commercial environment. The results from Mapped will help you to choose the right people for demanding graduate jobs using a fair method.

The skills-based psychometric test

95% of the FTSE 100 and 75% of ‘The Times Top 100 graduate employers’ use cognitive tests in some way. It is often the first time you review your candidates, but is also often the first time they have a substantive interaction with your recruitment process. Getting it right matters. Mapped is the new way of making that all-important first selection. It’s built by business professionals to test for the skills that matter in top commercial jobs and uses ground-breaking behavioural science to create a uniquely level playing field regardless of ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic background.

The platform is easy to use, and I enjoyed that the questions were more realistic and practical than other numericals.


Mapped: a step forward
from numerical reasoning

Find People with Genuine Commercial Skills

Most numerical reasoning tests don’t reflect the range of skills used in real commercial jobs. It’s either rapid repetitive calculations or irrelevant throwbacks to school mathematics. Mapped is designed with industry insiders to test skills that matter.

Provide a Positive Experience for Candidates

94% of surveyed candidates found numerical reasoning a negative experience. In contrast, Mapped gives your candidates support and feedback. They come away feeling positive about your company – even if they don’t get through, and a combination of behavioural science, free retests and randomisation reassures candidates.

Support your Diversity Strategy

Numerical reasoning pass rates for men and women differ by between 7-20%. Not because of ability; it’s down to confidence and differing risk appetite profiles. Similar patterns are found between different racial and socio-economic groups. Mapped uses the latest behavioural science breakthroughs to eradicate these differences.


It’s the only testing platform designed to improve diversity

Tests are necessary: we need to be able to spot critical and numerate thinkers among a wide selection of candidates. You do not want to rely on restrictive degree choices, or be unable to separate rote learners from those with a true aptitude. But some testing can have negative implications for the diversity of your workforce. This is nothing to do with inherent ability: it’s more to do with phenomena like risk appetite, stereotype threat, competitiveness and lack of role models.

Mapped is a joint venture between Freshminds, the top recruiter, and Applied, the ground-breaking technology platform proven to take the bias out of hiring. You can find out about them here.

It’s built by business people

Mapped tests candidates against skills that really matter: it’s not just maths in a vacuum. We asked managers, analysts, data scientists and partners at some of the best consulting, advisory and finance businesses in the world what logical and numerical skills made them good at their jobs. The list was consistent and definitive. It was also only partially covered by existing products on the market.

Mapped is continuously learning

We’ll track your hires as they rise through your organisation to see exactly how Mapped predicts workplace success. This means we can continuously improve the test and help you to make your hiring more scientific in years to come.

It gives candidates a more positive experience

Every Mapped candidate gets detailed feedback around their performance and areas for improvement. We also take feedback from every single candidate to continually improve the experience. We’ve approached the candidate experience like you would any other consumer product. There is no reason this step in your process has to be an irritant or a friction to your applicants.

Our powerful analytics make your hiring more scientific

The skills map Mapped develops for every candidate can be explored in later recruitment phases. It’s a test providing positive reasons for hiring – not just a trap-door rejection tool.

It’s always improving

In 2017 Mapped was tested at 4 organisations, all top advisory or strategy firms. It was a huge success and is ready to be used right now. But we don’t want to stop developing: in 2018 we’ll respond to thousands of data points, building in improvements to content, diversity interventions and user experience.


This test was challenging to a manageable degree, and had a very good balance of testing different ways of thinking – I felt that my numerical, logical and critical thinking skills were tested – more so than in other tests on the market which generally test only numerical skills, or test all three but to a shallow/simple degree.


Graduate Scheme Candidate


We’re delighted to be using Mapped to help with the critical stage of selecting which candidates to invite to interview. The team has such an emphasis on making the candidate experience as reassuring as possible, and are using every trick in the behavioural science toolkit to ensure that bias is removed at source. That, and a  test designed to differentiate among high performers in numerically-demanding roles, makes Mapped a powerful tool.


Head of Talent Innovation

Global Strategy Consulting Firm


Mapped is unique in that it challenges even the brightest applicants in a new way whilst still offering the diversity aspect that we need.

We wouldn’t use another system now!


Senior Scheme Manager

Mapped can be a straightforward replacement to the psychometric tests you use today.

Mapped is ready for finance or strategy firms today. Request a demo to find out more. If you are part of a retail, media or energy business, or you are looking for a verbal reasoning test too, then get in contact for more information.

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Freshminds and Applied

Mapped is a partnership between Freshminds, a leading graduate recruiter; and Applied, a Nesta Funded company at the cutting-edge of technology-driven diversity and predictive hiring.

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